Jessica Scout Malone

director // actor // girl in motion

Combat / MovemenT / dance

Skills Proficiency Test- Single Sword

Partner: Alex Hatcher 

Skills Proficiency Test-
Rapier & Dagger

Skills Proficiency Test-
Unarmed Combat

Partners: Danielle Amero & Lourdes Martinez

Partner: Dana Dreyfuss

Lost in the Light//
a music video

The Incredibles Box Project// 
LAMDA Movement Final

Partners: Kate Holland, John Austin, & Lexie Baker

Director/DP: Nicole Eng

Singing and Other Mouth Sounds

Charlene Kaye's Until The Morning

Cover by Jessica Scout Malone, Dana Dreyfuss, & Olivia D'Amato 

BU Showcase Introduction Video

What's your fondest memory of your brother?