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The Wrath of the Swampy Thing by M. SLoth Levine

Presented by Milky Way Coffee Roasters as part of Open Theatre Project’s Theatre Porch at the JP Porchfest.

There’s aliens who love soda, a swamp monster intent on taking over the world, a zombie band, and a sweet love story at the end of it all. Come out to the Eliot School at 4pm on Saturday, July 13th, for a wild romp through the mind of playwright M. Sloth Levine. It’s the best kind of picnic. Come play!

July 13 2019
Open Theatre Project Theatre Porch at the Eliot School
Jamaica Plain, MA

My fascination with creepy ladies, presented by Anthem theatre company

Anthem Theatre Company presents a devised work about Edgar Allen Poe and his fascination with creepy ladies. Devised by the company. Directed by Bryn Boice.

October 17-November 3 2019
Plaza Theatre | Boston Center for the Arts
Boston, MA

past projects

The Grace of mary traverse by timberlake wertenbaker

Collective Hysteria, a brand new Boston-based producing collective, presents The Grace of Mary Traverse by Timberlake Wertenbaker. Featuring Annalise Cain, Emma Palmer, Emily Eldridge-Ingram, Hannah Beebe, Annie Coursey, Sophie Gore, Elena Morris, and Peter Walsh. Directed by Jessica Scout Malone.

June 21 & 22 2019
Friends Meeting at Cambridge | Cambridge, MA

Vietgone by Qui Nguyen

“Qui’s parents always told him they fell in love at first sight—but really, it was just a hook up.
After the fall of Saigon.
In a refugee camp.
In Arkansas. 
A kinda-true love story with a hip-hop heart, Vietgone is a hilarious ride from Marvel Studios writer Qui Nguyen, who mixes music and memory to pin down his own origin story.”
“Exuberantly youthful... a punch-drunk mash-up of hip-hop, road movies, sex farce and Vietnamese-American history. Oh, also kick-ass fights..” — Time Out New York

Company One presents the Boston premier of Qui Nguyen’s Vietgone in partnership with Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center. Directed by Michelle Aguillon.

April 27-May 25 2019
Plaza Theatre | Boston Center for the Arts
Boston, MA

Extremities by William Mastrosimone

Also Known As Theatre presents the second show of their season: Extremities by William Mastrosimone. Directed by Alexandra Smith. Fight Direction by Jessica Scout Malone.

March 28-April 13 2019
First Church, Cambridge | Cambridge, MA

winter People by Laura Neill

A BU New Play Initiative production, produced by Boston Playwrights’ Theatre and Boston University School of Theatre.

“Every winter in the Hamptons, locals live in the shadow of the summer people’s empty mansions. When one of those mansions erupts in flames, tensions rise with the smoke, and five families struggle to protect their own. Lives and dreams hang in the balance, and secrets flourish in this mysterious and keenly observed whodunit.”

Directed by Avital Shira;  featuring Kayla Lian, Jaime Carrillo, Lyndsay Allyn Cox, Mariana Mondragon, and Conrad Sundqvist-Olmos. Fight choreography by Jessica Scout Malone.

December 6-16 2018
Boston Playwrights’ Theatre | Boston, MA

In the forest she grew fangs by Stephen Spotswood

“A walk through a mysterious forest late at night.  A young woman with a secret past. A social outcast who is simultaneously tormented and ignored.  A monster lurking in the shadows. And the most unpredictable spectre of them all, teenage hormones.  In the Forest, She Grew Fangs by Stephen Spotswood is a bloody fairy tale set in the world of a Gillian Flynn thriller, sprinkled with a dash of Gossip Girl, that delves into the power young women possess--and how they may use it if pushed too far. It is the second production in Also Known As Theatre’s debut season, which explores the reality that while we are each the hero of our own story, we may very well be the villain of someone else’s.” 

Jessica was the fight and movement choreographer for Also Known As Theatre’s production of In the Forest She Grew Fangs, featuring Dylan C. Wack, Kira Compton, Branwyn Ritchie, and Karen Dervin, and directed by Kelly Smith.

November 16-December 2 2018
Deane Hall in the Calderwood Pavilion
Boston Center for the Arts
Boston, MA

NSFW by Lucy Kirkwood

In November, Jessica was the fight choreographer for Theatre On Fire’s production of NSFW by Lucy Kirkwood featuring Ivy Ryan, Isaiah Plovnick, Padraig Sullivan, Becca A. Lewis, Dale Young, and David Anderson. Directed by Darren Evans.

November 2-17 2018
Charlestown Working Theatre
Charlestown, MA

We will not be silent by David Meyers

Jessica was the fight choreographer for New Repertory Theatre’s production of We Will Not Be Silent by David Meyers. The production, directed by Jim Petosa, featured Tim Spears, Sarah Muirhead, and Conor Proft.

October 13-November 4 2018
Mosesian Center for the Arts
Watertown, MA

The Tragic Ecstasy of Girlhood by Kira Rockwell

In October, Jessica joined collaborators and friends Leila Ghaemi and Kira Rockwell in the rehearsal room for Kira’s new play The Tragic Ecstasy of Girlhood. Jess worked with the all-female cast and crew to choreograph the moments of violence, focusing on storytelling, safety, and care.

October 11-21 2018
Boston Playwrights’ Theatre
Boston, MA

red Velvet by Lolita Chakrabarti

In the summer of 2018, Jessica was the assistant director and dramaturg for Office of War Information's production of Red Velvet directed by Bryn Boice.

"Theatre Royal, Covent Garden, 1833. Edmund Kean, the greatest actor of his generation, has collapsed on stage whilst playing Othello. A young black American actor has been asked to take over the role. But as the public riot in the streets over the abolition of slavery, how will the cast, critics and audience react to the revolution taking place in the theatre?

Lolita Chakrabarti's play creates imagined experiences based on the little-known, but true, story of Ira Aldridge, an African-American actor who, in the nineteenth century, built an incredible reputation on the stages of London and Europe."

May 30-June 16 2018
Plaza Theatre | Boston Center for the Arts
Boston, MA

What Screams I Hear Are Mine by Annalise Cain

In April 2018, Jessica directed a production of Annalise Cain's new play,
What Screams I Hear Are Mine.

"A fourteen year old believes she heard a woman being raped last night. But none of the adults seem to believe her – even her older sister dismisses her. As she takes herself and those around her on a tumultuous journey to uncover the perpetrator, she must weigh what truths must be told, and which lies end up structuring your life."

April 20, 21, & 22, 2018
Jewels 1 Studio Theatre 352
855 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA

Oleanna by David Mamet

In fall of 2017, Jessica was the Assistant Director of New Repertory Theatre's production of Oleanna by David Mamet. 

Oleanna Banner.jpg

"It’s all about power in David Mamet’s groundbreaking drama about political correctness and perception. When John, a professor, tries to help his student Carol, is it a misunderstanding or inherent misogyny that causes trouble? [...] Oleanna crackles with the fiery dialogue of Mamet at his finest."

This production featured Johnny Lee Davenport as John and Obehi Janice as Carol, and was directed by Elaine Vaan Hogue.  

October 14-November 5, 2017
Mosesian Center for the Arts
Watertown, MA

Gutenberg! The Musical!
by Anthony King and Scott Brown


In August of 2017, Jessica worked with Amateur Hour as the director and choreographer of the collective's inaugural show, Gutenberg! The Musical! Michelle Ciccotelli and Stephanie Occhipinti, co-founders of the collective, created the company to focus on creating opportunities for women in comedy. 

"Gutenberg! The Musical! is a hilarious musical spoof in which two aspiring Broadway writers perform a staged reading of what might be the greatest musical of all time. With an unending supply of enthusiasm, the two playwrights play all the parts and sing all the songs in the hopes of finding a Broadway producer to make all their dreams come true. Though the play is originally written for two male characters, Michelle Ciccotelli and Stephanie Occhipinti (co-founders of Amateur Hour) were featured in the leading roles."

Gutenberg! The Musical! is a tale inspired by the life of Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press, that will make you laugh harder than any other medieval tale you've ever heard. There's evil monks, wine, and just a hint of John Cena. If this sounds like the story for you, check out Amateur Hour on TwitterFacebook, and their website. And if you're in NYC, good things are ahead for you- here's a little trailer to wet your whistle.

August 24, 25, & 26, 2017
Club Cafe
Boston, MA


Lithosphere Heart by Tatiana Gil

In August 2017, Jessica directed a staged reading of a brand new play by her classmate and collaborator Tatiana Gil. The play was commissioned by The Theatre Offensive's OUT'Hood Residency Program. 

In Lithosphere Heart, "Alejandra, a young woman reckless in the pursuit of her deepest desires, learns how to love herself while reconciling the intersections of her identity as Queer, Catholic and Latina."

August 18 & 19, 2017
Boston Center for the Arts
Boston, MA